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Germany’s oldest red-light district lies in the shadow of the historical city walls of Nuremberg. Stroll between 17 full brothels, along 300 m of sexy women from all over the world. Regardless of whether you are planning a brief stop or a longer stay with us, everything is possible and uncomplicated with our ladies. The Frauentormauer contains both walk-in brothels and classical brothels, where you can approach the ladies in the window, all with different standards and very different concepts. It is possible to visit our red-light district in complete anonymity, since this pedestrianised section of Frauentormauer contains only brothels, one after the other. Furthermore, speaking to the ladies in windows or touring the walk-in brothels is completely non-binding – Take your time, and then teak your pick.
Do you like cheap bargains? Or do you place great value on quality and have a larger budget? Where else can you find a lady of your choice with this great range on offer, if not here?
You can get the juices flowing beforehand in a wide range of bars, strip clubs and discos around the corner.

The three houses that we run have all been renovated to the standard of new buildings. This website presents them to you in greater detail.

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Frequently asked questions
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What does an hour cost?

Answer: It depends! It depends on what you want and which lady you book. The prostitutes in our establishment are all self-employed – in other words, they decide themselves which services they wish to provide and what they charge. Therefore, all price negotiations are conducted directly with the lady of your choice at the window.

What are the opening hours?

Answer: Once again, we refer to the self-employed nature of the girls. The women rent a room from us, and their fixed spot at the window. The ladies may choose themselves whether to work at night. Some prostitutes work during the day. For the best choice on offer, you should visit us from 6 p.m. onwards, since most of the ladies enter their windows in the evening.

Why are there no photos of the ladies on the website?

Answer: It’s very simple: The women who work for us do not want to have their photos on the website. This was decided for various reasons and after bad experiences by the ladies present, and we respect this decision, as we are sure you do too. For this reason, the website will not display any photos unless any of the ladies explicitly wish so.

Can I work for you / rent a room from you?”

Answer: The prerequisite is valid certification of health counselling and a valid registration certificate from the public order office (the so-called “whore’s passport”). If you do not have these documents, we are happy to help you! Furthermore you should be at least 21 years old and have experience. We provide information about free rooms by e-mail or telephone under 0157 – 564 36 737.

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