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“For regular customers, and those who wish to become one!”

House 98

House 96



  • 29 Jahre
  • Herkunft: Rumänien
  • dunkelbraune Haare, helle sonnengebräunte Haut


  • nach Anfrage


  • spricht englisch, deutsch und rumänisch

House 72

What are you waiting for?

“Why are there no photos of the ladies on the website?”

It’s very simple: The women who work for us do not want to have their photos on the website. This was decided for various reasons and after bad experiences by the ladies present, and we respect this decision, as we are sure you do too. For this reason, the website will not display any photos unless any of the ladies explicitly wish so.”

Frauentormauer 98
90402 Nuremberg
0911 24277632

Frauentormauer 96
90402 Nuremberg
0911 24277632

Frauentormauer 72
90402 Nuremberg
0911 24277632